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The Pizarra decorative panel is an aesthetic alternative that offers warmth and comfort. Creating a welcoming atmosphere without the need for any type of building work. Its texture further provides the exclusivity required by innovative projects based on a traditional element such as slate. PX-006Pizarra Tierra PX-006 9016Pizarra PX-010 Pizarra Gris PX-011Pizarra Marrón Technical specifications […]

Laja Fina

A great ally for both indoors and outdoors, it can provide an asymmetrical feeling while being tidy, capturing the attention by highlighting a play of contrasts, textures and colours. The Panespol Laja Fina decorative panel is a clean option that elegantly fills any space without the need for building work. PX-052Laja Fina Blanco PX-057Laja Fina […]


Panespol Castilla slate panel is a great choice for bringing a distinctive touch to any setting. Warmth and distinction are two of the great virtues of this decorative panel. It also adapts to both commercial establishments and offices or more discreet spaces. All the benefits without the need for building work and with a clean, […]


If the objective is finding a captivating environment with homely touches, this panel is the key. Panespol Pirineos slate panel brings distinction, giving a premium value to any wall, featuring a set of textures that makes any space attractive. PX-082Pirineos PX-082 9016Pirineos PX-083Pirineos Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint paint Touch up […]


This slate achieves the difficult challenge of giving certain prominence to areas of an establishment, office or space that, in principle, might go unnoticed. The Panespol Valladolid decorative slate panel represents the ideal solution to give a space a touch of modernity and naturalness without the need for building work. PX-060Valladolid PX-060 9016Valladolid PX-061Valladolid Technical […]


Soria decorative covering is the great ally of any interior designer or decorator who seeks to adapt to any space while achieving a rustic and modern style. It is also a panel that can be placed both indoors and outdoors and has a colour range that conveys serenity and simplicity. PX-018Soria PX-018RWSoria Rewe PX-018 9016Soria […]

Laja Pizarra

Laja Pizarra decorative covering is an innovative choice for designers or interior decorators who are looking for the touch of elegance their project needs. This decorative panel offers a wide range of colours, both light and dark, which enables a new and elegant touch thanks to the texture of the slate. PX-026Laja Pizarra Ocre PX-039 […]

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