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Bigger panels for lightning assembly!


Bigger = faster may not be a constant equation.

But guess what? When it comes to covering surfaces, bigger panels means faster application.

And time = money is a universal constant that all project managers know only too well.

So Panespol® can now make panels in our ranges BRICKS, STONES, SLATES, WOOD and BETON in much bigger formats (up to 3m2 depending on the model).

This is approximately between three and six times the size of our current panels, depending on the model.

So, we effectively reduce the time it takes for you to get your surfaces covered (in cutting, measuring, placing, touching up joins, etc.) by around 50% in most cases.

Big panels use the same accessories but need less of them, so there is another saving. And there will be fewer joins to cover in the assembly process, which remains the same simple job as always… like doing a kid’s puzzle.

And with fewer joins to cover, our super-realistic surfaces gain in unity of design and look even more convincing.

Of course, bigger panels means another pair of hands (i.e. two persons) might be needed for assembly, but work on finishing joins can still be a one-person job.

The many other great advantages of Panespol® wall covering systems are, of course, still yours to enjoy: light, strong, non-toxic, fireproof, insulation against cold, heat, and damp, building-free application, exterior application…

Bigger panels.




…therefore money-saving.

Perfect for jobs that need to be carried out lightning fast in retail centres, department stores, or in restoration projects.

Ask about our BIG panel sizes.


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