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Panespol® warms up its Beton range with a clever textural shift

A well-known fairy tale teaches us that the Beast does not have a heart of stone.

And the two most recent additions to Panespol’s® Beton line prove that with a touch of versatility in design we can bring warmth and beauty to a range of surface coverings founded on the harsh grey of industrial architectural concrete.

Our two new models, Beton ENCOFRADO and Beton MEDIO  still have all the appeal associated with the 1960s Brutalist movement

But the art of extending a range to make it work in a greater variety of settings – and for more and more designers and retail environments – is all about know-how: a subtle change of hue and texture can make a huge difference.

The bas-relief and more creative arrangement of the ENCOFRADO model in a more cinereous shade take the industrial edge off starker grey beton and make it synonymous with contentment and elegance.

Similarly, the new Panespol® Beton MEDIO comes in a more concentrated grain to our ROUGH Beton model, while its more cordial pinkish and coppery grey colour makes it perfect for settings that need to blend elements rather than seek out contrasts.

Both new models use texture to bring out more chiaroscuro from tiny shaded areas.

And the immediate response from our friends and customers tells us that intelligent design decisions are what sets Panespol® apart. Take a look at our entire Beton range.

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