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Why our latest model is not just ‘more wood’

When Panespol® launches a new model – such as the latest addition to our Wood range, MADERA ENCOFRADA – you can be sure that plenty of thought has gone into the details.

But we are not just talking here about the fine art of imitation.

Yes, reproducing a natural surface in polyurethane really does mean paying attention to the nth degree. This takes care of realism, of having something that looks like it will feel exactly like the real thing.

But on a deeper level, what we at Panespol® delight in is in recognising the huge difference in effect that one treatment or texture can have in contrast to another apparently similar surface.

What, you may ask, is the difference between timber cut square into posts and the same timber left as rounded trunks?

The answer is that when used for decorative purposes, the effect they have on people is as different as that between an aspirin and a super-vitamin pill.

New idea: Madera Encofrada

The new MADERA ENCOFRADA model mimics wood in square and rectangular shapes, packed together with traces of cement to resemble the formworks used in construction. With its grain, knots, rough edges, and even nail marks – it’s all an illusion! – this model powerfully evokes the constructs of humankind in town, city, even railroad settings. It is industrial by association, but since it is wood, our sense of being part of our own era comes with all the warmth and ‘aromas’ of the earliest material known to man.

With a rounded log or other more rustic wood effect, you get the feel of past centuries and bucolic isolation – and for many ambiences (a rural feel for hotels or country clothing, sports and mountain footwear stores, natural product of many kinds,…) this might be just what you are looking for; with the formwork effect in wood of MADERA ENCOFRADO, you are placed by the walls around you in a more up-to-date setting, walls from which any door might open to a vibrant street.

Panespol® has to play with the same ideas in many of its ranges, and you can read here about how this dynamic works in brick, for example.

This weighing of nuances in design, the creation of a powerfully suggestive product for covering walls, is a subtle art that brings you more moods, greater variety, and a design sense second to none in the marketplace.

Madera Encofrada INTEGRACION

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