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Designers and decorators of retail spaces are well aware that sales depend on every aspect of their work.

Making the right first impression on potential customers is the crucial first part of a process that begins with making people feel they want to go further.

There are two key moments to this vital entrance process, and on these rest all the initial decisions your visitor is going to make, such as how well the company has co-ordinated its decorative options, and how much products might cost. Be in no doubt, there is a question of trust being played out in these first seconds of contact with your business.


And Panespol® has a huge range of impressive surface coverings to guarantee that the initial impact on the visitor will be unequivocal and suit all your design intentions.

The first few metres of your spacethe threshold – is where the initial momentary sensations need the control of careful design.

The surfaces you use at this threshold can clarify everything for the customer…or confuse them and make them feel like leaving.

If you’ve got it right, they will enter and, according to studies, are more likely to take a right turn. Whichever way they enter, the first wall they see is the second key to this process, and it is called the ‘power’ wall.

In a small premises, the ‘power’ wall may be where you feature your key products, or it may be behind the check-out space.

Panespol® has put plenty of thought into creating well-defined and visually inspiring ideas for both these key first points of contact between your company, brand, your products, and the public.

When you look through our catalogue, it may help you to think about first impressions, to frame your design and decorations in terms of the threshold and ‘power’ wall. We are confident you will quickly see how well our solutions fit with the impact you want to create.

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