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A big concrete block in a shop window? A quilted wall for a season? Shelves set in real natural moss from from north European forests? Brick walls? Stone walls? 3D displays in any desired colour and texture?

The revolution has arrived!

Ever since Panespol® first hit the marketplace for decor solutions with its versatile and inimitable light, easy-to-assemble systems, the most forward-looking designers around have freed themselves from the taboo that stopped stores using heavy materials that need building work and the hanging of a “closed for refurbishment” sign. All the noise, dust, and dirt such makeovers created have now been replaced by seamless, nifty, installations without any hidden drawbacks.

Since the launch of its first polyurethane decorative panels back around 2002, Panespol® has evolved immensely. Over many successful years of supplying its classic faux versions of natural stone, brick, breton concrete, and other very varied textures, it has worked closely with the retail world’s most adventurous decor designers. The result is Panespol® LAB, a team of experts who will turn ideas and sketches into exclusive surface coverings or 3D objects in the size, colour, and texture imagined by the designer or project manager – as prototypes or mass produced in bulk quantities. This is perfect for chains and franchises that need to quickly and quietly transform their business premises around the world.

Panespol®, reinventing contract decoration. Let’s make it up… together.

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