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The mercurial domains of retail and public spaces offer far greater scope for design experimentation than in most home interiors…unless of course you like living in an experiment.

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the extreme of style accidents like the Baroque room from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, with its 18th century French furniture sitting on a translucent panelled floor lit from below.

You can still find comfortably dramatic atmospheres from keeping in mind the words of decoration legend Billy Baldwin:

“The first rule of decoration is that you can break almost all the other rules.”

In fact, understanding the postmodern world should give any designer licence to relax discretion in search of a dramatic effect.

Panespol® wall coverings in durable polyurethane provide one of the best ways to create dynamic atmospheres through stylistic juxtapositions. And since wall coverings do just that, i.e. cover surfaces, the effect they bring is likely to have more impact than, say, standing a futuristic floor lamp next to a vintage armchair.

Surfaces can set the tone, and Panespol® has an immense range of textures and colours for daring designers to use as a palette for creating effects from contrasts.

Imagine the combination of one wall with the old-urban potency of CARA VISTA NEGRO from our brick-effect range framed by or alongside our lush CAPITONE ROJO (RED) or even CAPITONE ORO (GOLD), both from Panespol ® Textures. Brick effects adapt well to so many other textures and faux surfaces, so it is worth experimenting with these.

What about bringing two raw concepts together, such as our BETON TABLAS, a rough concrete textured by the imprint of the plywood workforms, and the appearance of cut timber, in our MADERA TRONCOS?

The game is yours to play, and with Panespol’s® constant flow of new ideas, you’ll soon have even more elements to combine and contrast.

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