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Since 2008, Panespol® has steadily built up a name in Germany through its distributor WVS, whose managing director Edmund Ostrowski has the know-how and experience to match top product to large and small design projects.

In Germany, our products reach hotel and shop designers, medical centres, the furniture industry, many kinds of venues, and exhibition stand builders and suppliers for trade fairs and congresses.

But in Ostrowski’s view, the most fruitful route through which to channel our classy wall and surface coverings is via the prime creative force in designing spaces and constructions:

            “In the German market we generally introduce Panespol® products through architects,” he affirms.

            “What is decisive for us is deciding whether Panespol® product will contribute to the ambience the customer is looking for,” adds Ostrowski.

            Mediterranean atmospheres

Cultural factors have influenced interest in our product from the beginning, notably the Teutonic love of the coastal airs of Southern Europe.

            “Back then we were handling great demand for the product that would recreate the Mediterranean lifestyle,” points out the WVS MD.

On aggregate, however, the best-selling Panespol® panels in Germany have proved to be from our slate range: Pizarra Tierra, Pizarra Gris, Soria Arena. As in all markets, the Bricks range is also a huge seller in Germany.

            Is Germany different?

Like each national market, Germany has particularities that Edmund Ostrowski and WVS are well aware of.

            “Distribution here is carried out exclusively through specialist firms and representatives. We work through big firms, many of them international,” our representative there points out.

“Our best-selling decor ideas and types of finishes are generally used in chains with many stores. Panels must be in harmony with the overall decoration plan and fit in with the rest of the products used,” says Ostrowski.

             Less is more

All this knowledge of the local market profile means experienced judgement applied to the practicalities of marketing approaches, and Ostrowski admits to learning plenty “when customers can’t find what they want.”

            “For me, it is important to develop products and offer these as a solution, but the creation of new product to order—as with Panespol® LAB, for example—is always dependent on the factors of production time and quantities ordered.”

Many practical considerations can have as much importance as aesthetic factors, argues Ostrowski:

           “Alongside the look of a product, you have to think about availability; without our warehouse, we would not be capable of making more than ten percent of the sales we achieve.”

And he underlines that being spoilt for choice between too many different products can be a hindrance.

            “When a customer has too many different types of finish, it becomes more difficult to make a decision. Here, we might apply the refrain ‘less is more’, so from these few you get the best.”

Edmund Ostrowski and his team will be present with Panespol® ideas at the huge EuroShop fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, from March 5-9, 2017.

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