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When a snowball really starts to roll, its surface area grows exponentially. And as long there is a smooth slope for it to keep on rolling, it will keep on growing.

What a perfect metaphor for the phenomenal success of Panespol® !

As a company that specialises in embellishing surfaces, our snowball will roll as long as there are walls to cover, and retail and public spaces to fill (and we are now making our own surface area through the bespoke 3D shapes in our LAB, destined to meet the wildest ideas for projects in, for instance, shop windows and promotional store areas).

Since 2005, when we first provided perfect brick finishes for the walls of Burger King restaurants in Europe, we have notched up emblematic achievements across the planet. Thousands of retail establishments have used our work to set up the right ambiences for their clientele, with designers, decorators, and architects worldwide developing a big appetite for our exclusive ideas, and praising the benefits of our hard-wearing, lightweight, non-inflammable, easy-to-mount, environmentally-friendly products.

The list of companies we supply reads like a Who’s Who of the biggest firms around. Among the many valuable brands with whom we are delighted to have worked on projects is IKEA, and there is surely no need to underline the pride running through Panespol at regularly supplying brands of the mighty Inditex group.

Perhaps symbolic of our meteoric rise in the world of decoration is having provided visual content for the train station at the holy city of Mecca.

The past two years, 2015 and 2016, have been milestones for Panespol in our relationship with Inditex: for Bershka, a brand with some 1000 stores in 69 markets, we have provided pieces for the last two autumn/winter campaigns, and we are now working on projects for 2017; Stradivarius, which has around 900 stores in 57 countries, uses our systems on walls, tables, and in changing rooms, as we help bring about one of the image makeovers so essential for global retail outlets; meanwhile, our panels are helping complete the new image of Pull and Bear internationally.

Our snowball really started gathering volume at the start of the second decade of the 21st century. After reaching Portuguese territory in 2010 through another Burger King project, the following year brought a major breakthrough into European stores: in the UK with Marks and Spencer, and in Italy through Quellogiusto.

In 2012, we began a relationship with LPP, the biggest clothing store franchise in Poland, which took us to Russia and other countries. This was a big year, with projects in France for Allianz, in the Middle-East through the multinational cosmetics brands Kiehl’s and The Body Shop, and important orders from India, Morocco, and Greece.

By now led astride the globe by commercial giants and design princes, 2013 saw a big boost in projects in Germany, where lovers of our surfaces have emerged in the form of none other than BMW, Intersport, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, supermarket groups REWE, Penny, and Edeka, and Gerry Weber clothing stores.

The year 2014 saw us supplying a variety of models for Pizza Hut in Portugal, Urban Jungle in Italy, and the first of our many panels for Estée Lauder, for whom we have since provided great products in Israel, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates.

Canada welcomed Panespol in 2015, the start of two landmark years for our fast-growing snowball. NYX cosmetics, among others, had projects calling for our ideas up around the 49th Parallel.
And while consolidating our growth worldwide, we exceeded our expectations in the domestic marketplace of our native Spain, supporting projects not just for Inditex, but also for Noa Brands, the world’s largest and most innovative producer of mannequins; Scalpers; Springfield; Núñez de Arenas, New Zermatt, and El Corté Inglés. For Spanish outlets of international franchises, we have supplied many thousands of panels and plenty of exclusive pieces: Pans and Company, The Good Burger, Papizza, Dunkin, Dots, 100 Pizzitas, KFC, and, of course, IKEA.

As we approach 2017, we do so gathering momentum and experience, helping our partners—other rolling snowballs—to grow as exponentially as we do, checking for bumps along the way, making sure we can keep finding innovative solutions and new ideas for surfaces and spaces, architects and decorators, for the right retail moods and the best public atmospheres.

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