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Keeping up with the very latest in retail means visiting an almighty event such as EuroShop, where Panespol® aims to make an impression as one of the 2,500 exhibitors next March 5-9 in Düsseldorf.

It’s a triennial event. In other words, it doesn’t happen often! Once every three years is considered by many to be too few fairs and too long to wait for such a key, first-class gathering, and for such an immense quantity of information relayed in spectacular visual fashion and through cutting-edge conferences featuring some of the brightest minds behind shop culture.

A staggering 109,000 visitors attended the last EuroShop event in 2014. Next year’s show will aim for increased footfall around its 120,000 m2 of floorspace, where exhibitors will show off ideas from 60 countries, including the massive retail player, China.

In addition to the store design and decoration areas crucial to Panespol®, the retail industry’s no. 1 global event will feature shop-fitting and equipment; visual merchandising; point-of-purchase marketing; sales promotion tools; a mass of knowledge in communications, information, and security; and all the latest in stand design and construction for events.

The technological aspects of retail have taken on increasing importance at each event, and a lot can happen in three years. In 2014, the fair boasted hologram robots as greeters. Among scientific things to come under discussion in Düsseldorf will be the latest in lighting and sound,
as well as antibacterial, antimicrobial store trolleys with fixed-mount or handheld scanners.

Analytics is going to be a major area of interest at EuroShop, with information-gathering technology such as heat maps and path maps coming under discussion.

The ideas that will shape retail in the future will be the subjects of a full programme of supporting speeches and forums. The Forum Architecture and Design is of special importance to Panespol®. This is where the creative figures of the industry will gravitate.

And it is among these designers and project directors that Panespol® hopes to create plenty of interest with its new bespoke service, LAB, a laboratory of ideas that will tailor all kinds of displays for public spaces to meet the demands of the most ambitious projects.

There, where the shop world goes shopping for its future, is where you’ll find Panespol® next spring. And amongst many satisfied customers, since surveys suggest that EuroShop exhbitors rate their post-fair business expectations at 85%. Visitors, meanwhile, have marked their satisfaction with the fair at an impressive 97%.

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