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Panespol is a leader in its sector. Some might question this. This is part of the freedom of expression, part of the fair play of competition and is subject to the ultimate judge – the customer.

One of our main strategies is product development both for our customers and for our own launches. In the first case, the industrial property of the design is strictly the customer’s and Panespol’s deep-rooted values of professionalism and respect for this circumstance have demonstrated this for over 20 years. In the second case, this right is ours.

At this point it would be worth remembering that intellectual property is a set of rights that cover the ownership of inventions, industrial designs, innovations, trademarks and other intangible assets used by companies. These rights allow their holders to exploit these assets and, at the same time, prevent third parties from using them without their consent for their own benefit. These rights are also a catalyst for investment in R&D&I, otherwise we would find ourselves in a far west market where lack of regulation and abuse would put an end to all kinds of initiatives

There are a number of ways in which companies can protect their intellectual property rights against those who, incapable of their own differentiation, show a lack of minimum professional scruples:

1. Registering industrial property rights before launching a product or service, both nationally and internationally, protecting trademarks, patents, designs, utility models, among others.

2. Monitoring industrial property rights, detecting any infringement or misuse of its own industrial property rights, which is normally carried out by specialised companies.

3. If there is no other option, resorting to legal action to stop the illegal activity and the possibility of claiming compensation for damages.

The outcome of these legal actions can vary from various administrative procedures to injunctions where the court is requested to cease the infringing activity, recall actions, that is, withdrawing the infringing products from the market, and compensatory actions for damages caused by the offender. Even in some cases, industrial property infringement may constitute a criminal offence and a complaint may be lodged with the competent authority.

The ultimate punishment for these lowly freeloaders, who take advantage of other people’s efforts, is constant innovation. It could be an attack as well as a defence against this self-conscious competition to constantly innovate in order to offer products and services that are unique and different from those on the market.

We do not expect any reaction from persistent offenders, not even the slightest blush or acknowledgement that cheating in an exam is a habit that doesn’t actually allow you to progress. We want to avoid short-sighted lies and falsehoods based on the mere verification of dates, patents and trademark registrations. Rather, we address these words to our customers, to those who always trust us with the peace of mind of relying on a solid and unwavering ethic based on professionalism and the desire to improve.

Paneles Panespol

But let no one be deceived. Panespol will fight with all its means against these offenders. We will do so by legal means, even if it unfortunately involves financial efforts that could be spared.

We will do this by remaining at the forefront of innovation and product development in our small niche. By launching products and services that seek to anticipate the wants and needs of our current and potential customers. By maintaining our leadership and our values.

As a result, new product ranges are introduced at least three times a year, innovative designs for all types of indoor and outdoor surfaces or our new sustainable and environmentally friendly products in a strong commitment to meeting sustainability targets.

And we will do so with free expression and information, just like with these lines. With full confidence in our knowledge and judgement of the market.

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