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Here at Panespol we work hard day in, day out to innovate and exceed our customers’ highest expectations. This means that Surface Collections continues to create new decorative panels that can adapt to any kind of style thanks to their textures, colours and shapes.

We’re the spark for all kinds of ideas and plans, so our goal is to transform spaces in record time and make our textures as close to the real thing as they can possibly be, just as we’ve already done in thousands of spaces all over the world.

Surface Collections: 9 ranges full of textures

Our catalogue has a huge variety of designs, featuring more than three hundred decorative panels, the very latest trends in retail decoration and with amazingly realistic textures and finishes. 

Take a look at the most attractive and innovative imitation wall coverings. We’re specialists in surprising our customers with unique and very special settings.

A unique material

The Panespol range of polyurethane decorative wall coverings stands out for its variety of designs and styles, but it also complies with all the requirements set out in standards for strength, insulation, fire safety and toxicity. A unique material that’s especially suitable for projects by architects and decorators wanting high performance wall coverings for interior and exterior walls.

Easy, simple and no building work needed

The fitting processfor panels from the Panespol Surface Collections range consists of a simple system that saves you valuable time, with no need for building work, making your life much easier and achieving the desired effect. 

Panespol systems ensure viable projects and effective processes, guaranteeing an excellent end result and allowing you to express your creativity simply and cleanly. 

Features of our panels

One of our main features is that our materials are non-toxic and resistant to acid, salt water and industrial gases. 

Plus, you can be sure that they won’t rot or disintegrate over time, as Panespol complies strictly with international standards, as verified by our existing technical specifications and certificates.

Features Panespol

The Panespol commitment

At Panespol we also have a team of sales executives specializing in design to help us provide you with the best option. Contact us and tell us about your idea. We work to ensure 100% success for your projects.

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