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The roots of the mighty Oak in design and decoration spread deep though symbolism and tradition, but it has never been so easy to add real Natural Wood to your interiors.

Panespol® has now harnessed beautiful, pure wood in form of MDF boards veneered with authentic oak wood.

This authentic Oak – NATURAL WOOD® – comes in four colours: natural, greyed, smoked, and copper, each availale in either Classic or Rustic finishes.

  • lámina
  • placa
  • SMOKED lámina
  • NATURAL placa
  • GREYED placa
  • COPPER lámina

Since these are real wood surfaces, extracted with precision from weathered oak beams, each Natural Wood® veneered surface contains the original cracks, knots and colour variations. Authentic because it’s real!

  • Panespol ofrece acabados en oxido en cualquiera de sus gamas y figuras 3D
  • 4 scaled
  • 3 scaled
  • 1
  • 2

Countless projects, from retail to hotels and home interiors, will be enhanced by the time-honoured associations linked to this noble wood.

Oak abides!

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