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Slate has become a very 'in-demand' material in construction and decoration. Its variety of subtle tones and textures means architects and decorators can play with elegant contrasts to bring distinction and warmth to spaces.

Our PANESPOL SLATES range recreates this special material in a great variety of forms, colours, textures, and slab types.

Laja Pizarra 9016 Panespol - Stand Bover
Pizarra Gris Panespol – Zapateria
Pizarra Gris Panespol - Tommy Hilfiger
Pizarra Tierra Panespol – Woodland
Soria Arena Panespol - Peluqueria
Laja Castilla Panespol - Restaurante
Laja Fina Multicolor Panespol - Restaurante
Laja Pirineos Panespol – Tienda