The Victorian origins of texturising surfaces

Panespol® textiles and textures in historical perspective. It was a brand, spanking new idea when Panespol® founder José Juan Leva Candela first made wall coverings from the strong, practical, and clean material, polyurethane. And among the many natural surfaces we have successfully imitated, the Panespol® catalogue has two sections of highly sophisticated products that mimic […]

White brick – the perfectly imperfect background. Decorative panel.

“White…is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black.” G.K. Chesterton   A naked brick wall is a reminder of our urban self, a celebration of our having left the cave to interact with other people and build human things And when […]

First impressions – retailers,
how is your threshold?

Designers and decorators of retail spaces are well aware that sales depend on every aspect of their work. Making the right first impression on potential customers is the crucial first part of a process that begins with making people feel they want to go further. There are two key moments to this vital entrance process, […]

We love surfaces.
We love what is real

With the virtual spaces of internet and e-commerce fast becoming the ‘reality’ of our world, we at Panespol® believe we have important common ground to share and celebrate with our clients. We’re physical. And if you’re here looking at our wall coverings, you must be physical too. We still make a sensory product for palpable […]

Vintage v Modern; Nature v Industry; …
Panespol® is the palette for appealing contradictions

The mercurial domains of retail and public spaces offer far greater scope for design experimentation than in most home interiors…unless of course you like living in an experiment. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the extreme of style accidents like the Baroque room from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, with its 18th century French furniture […]