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With the virtual spaces of internet and e-commerce fast becoming the ‘reality’ of our world, we at Panespol® believe we have important common ground to share and celebrate with our clients.

We’re physical.

And if you’re here looking at our wall coverings, you must be physical too.

We still make a sensory product for palpable surroundings, for somewhere you can actually walk into, rather than virtually navigate.

Like you, we measure things in metres and centimetres (or feet and inches). And we create textures and colours for real people to perceive.

And the material fruit of our efforts, of your design and decoration work, affects people due to a time-honoured evolution of associations and relationships that until the dawn of internet never faced a rivalry from any ‘virtual’ worlds.

At Panespol® we feel pretty good about this, and want to share that feeling with you. If you are reading this, it’s because you are considering our realistic wall coverings for a physical space in which you expect real people to circulate, or perhaps feel good themselves while they enjoy the facilities, food, drink, or other real experiences you are offering them in your physical world -even if you are inviting them to sit and enjoy the virtual world 😉

Like you, we are among the last generations of humans to exist without having chips inserted in our brains or bio-materials implanted in our bodies. We are not hybrid humans yet. We are still part of the world in which people like to move in real spaces.

Yes, everything is changing around us – and fast – but we ask you to reflect a moment on how your shop, store, centre, restaurant, gallery, hotel, or any other space is still real, still material, still there to see and touch, to be an atmosphere, to exercise its charms directly to the senses without a screen, and through the surviving network of flesh-and-blood human beings.

So, here’s to walls, to surfaces, to the space of an intimate distance between real things, between the things we desire that we can reach out and touch. Here’s to bricks and concrete, to natural moss (and the moss in our Natural Moss range is the real thing!), and here’s to life as it was and it still will be for centuries as long as we cherish what we really have and keep it real.

At Panespol® we love the real world, and we can still see it. We know you can too.

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