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Palm Wood

The trunk of a palm tree is a vital element in any setting that seeks to evoke the exotic or sublime. The Palm Wood decorative panel, based on something as simple and fascinating as nature, is undoubtedly an essential accomplice that stands out for its creativity. P-186Palm Wood Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint […]

Tabla Rústica Nogal

Wood is a safe bet in decoration. Its colour, feel and shine enable the embodiment of unique architectural designs, causing sensations in the final consumer that other materials are not able to evoke. The visual stimulation provided by wood produces in people a feeling of relaxation and well-being that makes the creation of unique environments […]


Panespol Nebraska decorative panels capture the robust texture of wood as square, symmetrical sheets that represent this material in the most natural way possible, with its imperfections on view, its veins, cracks and irregular shapes. In addition, it uses dark tones in order to provide sobriety and a more serious sophisticated touch than the diaphanous […]


The character and warmth that wood provides are important when it comes to reinforcing the aesthetics of a setting, since it gives any space a personality. The truth is that the new forms of wood finishes no longer resort exclusively to rustic settings, but can be very modern and even use all kinds of colours. […]

Madera Encofrada

A great ally of innovative projects that do not want to give up on the warm and homely essence that wood is capable of conveying. The Madera Encofrada decorative panel recreates the realism of wood in an elegant and discreet way, using pine tones to evoke positive sensations such as calm or well-being. PX-133Madera Encofrada […]


Ideal for decorators looking for an exotic touch in their creations. This covering perfectly simulates bamboo, giving spaces the added values of nature, rest and comfort. In addition, the Bambú decorative panel adopts the characteristics of this material in terms of its composition; it provides the strength usually provided by bamboo canes. P-172Bambú Technical specifications […]


Panespol Arizona decorative panels faithfully recreate hand-cut wood. Creating a relief effect that perfectly captures the texture of this noble material, both in appearance and touch. In addition, it is available in different types of wood and any colour of the RAL chart, which makes it very easy for the designer or decorator to achieve […]


Interior decoration with wood is a good alternative for meeting the particular needs of any space. Wood in grey and white tones can be applied in bright spaces, while dark colours provide a new vision of luxury. In short, this material is still a trend, especially combined with others such as glass or metal. The […]

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