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In this quicksilver world of fads and fashions, a great slab of bare, brut concrete can be forcefully reassuring when placed out of its usual context and into interior settings.

PANESPOL® BETON is our way of connecting with the faith many of us feel in the stark grey surfaces of architectural concrete left unfinished, a symbol of strength and solidity as much as modernity, not to mention a fashionable presence in any retail space.

Indistiguishable to the eye from real concrete, our BETON range provides the raw, rough, exposed planes to cover any flat shapes.  There’s nothing more colourless than this dull industrial quality, and there’s nothing more basic. This is why decorators love the possibilities it provides for creating startling contrasts.

Our impressive concrete-look coverings meet all your safety needs and save you labour costs for redecorating and refurbishing your spaces.

Our raw concrete range

Our range blends the Rough Beton with the Smooth Beton.  We also do different Aged raw concrete finishes, and a Stucco Beton.

For a surface with a more regular lined effect, our Beton Tablas model recreates the imprint of the formworks used to mould the concrete, and this effect comes in both normal and Aged Tablas finishes.

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