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There’s nothing like true brilliance if you want to shine in this world.

Panespol® launches its new High Gloss finish, a stunning way to add ambient lustre and candescence to any surface.

We have researched and experimented to find out how to successfully apply this brilliance as a special coating in any RAL colour to 3D as well as flat surfaces, for example to emulate beautiful polished tiling.

  • Country Brick Dorado Alto Brillo
  • PX 160 VRD Classic Tile Alto brillo
  • T 001 Morado Kioto Alto Brillo
  • PX 149 9016 Metro Tile Alto Brillo
  • PX 150 9016 Rustic Tile Alto Brillo
  • PX 149 9005 Metro Tile Alto Brillo

High Gloss is available, of course, as part of our LAB made-to-measure service for designers, architects, and managers of all decoration projects.

This innovation comes as just one of a line of peerless finishes being launched by Panespol®, such as our recently-introduced natural RUST.

For a world of contrasts and dazzling ambiences.

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