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New year, new surfaces! Panespol® premieres brave new designs, architectural twists, and some countrified brick delights to usher in 2018.

There are four daring new models entering the BETON range in decorative polyurethane: we have finally launched a panel that perfectly captures the classic concrete masonry unit known as the cinder or breeze block (Bloque Hormigón); and then two beton effects that reproduce the impression of textures from the world of fabrics (Cortina and Tiffany).

The ever-popular BRICKS range has been enlarged with the addition of two models, Country Brick and English Brick. The former summons plenty of nostalgia for old out-of-town walls featuring aged and beaten-up bricks with dry and matt finishes. Also in BRICKS is the new English Brick, three variations that perfectly imitate the traditional shape of the standard UK building unit.

The decorative scope of Panespol® Systems is further enhanced by the avant-garde ideas in the TEXTURES range, which is now enlarged by two new designs. The first, Proyectado is an intense granular surface that provides a graphic ‘noise’ perfect for highlighting more regular and linear shapes and, like all Panespol® decorative polyurethane systems, it submits to the transformative power of a coat of paint in any colour. The second new texture is Termoarcilla, a rectilinear weave that imitates the raised edges of baked clay blocks, and whose grid-like regularity serves as a context for exposing innumerable natural elements or as a visual contrast for all irregular shapes, especially clothing and fabrics.

All in all, an announcement of a package of new solutions that widens the Panespol® universe, offering the usual advantages of our systems: lightness, easy assembly and quiet, clean installation, transportability, strength, compliance with fire regulations, non-toxicity, and harmony with our ambitions as ecology-minded people.

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