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Every year, Pantone puts out a selection of colors that different fashion, interior and other designers use to select the trends that will dress both us and our surroundings on a day-to-day basis.

In its Fashion Color Trend Report for the last months of 2018 and to kick off 2019, Pantone introduces a combination of classic tones with creative and expressive colors. A palette with vibrant, original colors, full of energy and not so common during the year’s coldest seasons. This new motion casts typical conventions by the wayside, proposing different tones to match with a palette that provides certain continuity, breaking the rules established in times past. Colors that inspire the spaces we live in, and that you will definitely be interested in discovering.

The 12 colors for this Autumn/Winter ’18

According to Pantone, this is the color selection to follow next season. This is undeniably a unique and new palette, set to revolutionize the world of decoration:

  • Red Pear: Deliciously intense red, seductive in its exquisite depth.
  • Valiant Poppy: A daring, extroverted red tone, effusive in its charm.
  • Nebulas Blue: Reflexive blue, dreamy, reminiscent of twilight.
  • Ceylon Yellow: Quirky, spicy yellow, adding an exotic touch.
  • Martini Olive: Soft green, sophisticated and urban, adding depth.
  • Russet Orange: This orange with a woody undertone communicates earthy warmth.
  • Ultra Violet: Ingenious and creative, Ultra Violet lights the way for what is to come.
  • Crocus Petal: A cultivated, refined tone that adds a spring like, light and ethereal sensation.
  • Mellow Rose: A prized traditional English tone, adding unexpected intrigue.
  • Limelight: Lively and effervescent, this spicy yellow-green grows into the center of attention.
  • Quetzal Green: A deep, elegant blue-green, suggesting rich plumage.
  • Pink Peacock: A bright, daring pink for a more experimental focus.

Always trendy with Panespol®

Color is a fundamental element. Its ability to create ambiances to transmit sensations makes it one of the key aspects of any interior or decoration project. To this end, Panespol® allows professionals to paint practically all of their decorative panels with whichever color they want. This erases many of the restrictions that other decoration solutions impose on creativity.

  • PX 120 KFC Country Brick
  • T 034 Morado
  • T 041 3002 Capitoné
  • PX 084 3002 Urban Brick
  • PX 125 7030 Bloque Hormigón
  • T 010 7039 Etna
  • PX 084 9005 Urban Brick
  • T 001 9005 Kioto
  • PX 018 9016 Laja Soria

Personalized solutions, thanks to Panespol LAB

None of this would be possible without Panespol LAB‘s constant innovation, the brand’s innovation team, who works to surprise design professionals with new proposals. Proposals such as Natural Moss, Panespol®‘s most natural line, made with natural moss, and available in 19 colors, where nature ceases to be green, taking on the color needed. A good example, such as the incredible oxide finish, of how Panespol® is capable of creating anything you set out to make.

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