Through design and architecture to the Panespol®   market

“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo.” – Mark Twain

In Italy, the country many regard as the cradle of cool design, Panespol® systems are winning over chains and franchises in the interiors market.

The brains behind our Italian job is 73-year-old Luigi Turati, distributor of Panespol® product throughout Italy. With his vast experience in sales and industry – which has seen him awarded with the senior order of knighthood of the Italian Republic – Turati is well-placed to judge both a good deal and the best way to channel innovative ideas.

“To do business in Italy, you need to get through to the architecture studios of key commercial chains and franchises, and that is what I am doing,” explains Turati, who cites the cutting-edge projects of Kasanova, Kasanova +, and Casa sull’Albero as examples.

Italy’s reputation as a design leader worldwide is a priority consideration for Luigi Turati, who stresses that aesthetic concerns continue to be “very important” in the Italian marketplace.

“Italy has always been the trendsetter in the design sector, and Panespol® panels are right for perfecting the image of designs made for both the private sector and in retail,” he adds.

Confident that our panelli Panespol® will continue to match changes in design trends, and impressed by the “quality and professionalism of the company and its partners”, Panespol’s® best selling products in Italy to date have been their fine imitations of cement (Beton) and brick.



“All our customers, particularly franchise chains, are really satisfied with our products, which are easy to use and enable the creation of highly original surroundings.”