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Here at Panespol we’re always trying to reinvent ourselves, innovating both in our panels and in how we can turn any of your projects into something tangible. We never stop searching for alternatives that can help to improve and develop your ideas.

Now, to achieve the best possible result in all your creations, we’ve brought in QuickJoin System, a new installation system that cuts decorative wall and surface covering fitting times safely and effectively.

QuickJoin System is faster because it doesn’t need any additional assembly items, all you need are adhesives and screws. Plus, it means you can reuse the panels and the joints are invisible.

Five simple steps, that’s all you need for QuickJoin System

1. Using a jigsaw, cut the panel horizontally and vertically so it lies straight and in line with the wall.
2. Apply a line of adhesive to the back of the panel.
3. Place the panel against the wall and drill a hole into the panel (on the overlap) and the wall at the same time. Then fix the panel using wall plugs and screws.
4. Fit the next panel and fix it to the wall using its overlapping assembly system.
5. You can touch up small imperfections with granular paint.

Montaje QuickJoin EN

Features of Panespol Decorative Panels

The system has a usable surface of 0.5 m²,in a lightweight and easily transportable material that’s extremely pliable and easy to shape. And with the same features as all our other panels.

– Non-flammable: Years of intensive research mean our panels comply with international fire safety standards. The Panespol fireproof coating prevents the panels from catching fire, resisting up to 80 degrees Centigrade before they begin to deform.
– Lightweight: One of the biggest advantages of our panels is that they’re so light. This makes them easier to transport, of course, but it also makes them surprisingly easy to fit.
Non-toxic: Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of health issues and are more likely to look at the properties and ingredients of the things they buy. An inert substance like polyurethane is safe and stable, ideal for any commercial setting, including for those specialising in food like supermarkets and restaurants.
Strong: Our materials are designed to withstand all kinds of situations, ranging from transport and logistics, through to sustaining knocks or scratches once they have been fitted. This is why the composition of Panespol decorative coverings is prepared so we can ensure that all these situations don’t have a negative impact on the decoration of a room or space.

Features Panespol

The QuickJoin Systemis a new assembly system for decorative panels that speeds up the fitting process and is a great example of how Panespol is always finding new ways to innovate.

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